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Unlike terrestrial mobile phone networks, which allow different manufacturers’ handsets to be used on a single network, Iridium, Inmarsat, and Thuraya phones work on distinct systems. Consequently, the handsets aren’t interchangeable between networks.

Internet via Thuraya Network

It’s recommended that you consider your environment and whether you’re in a more urban or rural setting. Find out more about how broadband Internet access is packaged with other services (such as home telephone, home entertainment and home security).

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Cable, ADSL, and mobile data networks provide Internet access in customer premises[89] and inexpensive VoIP network adapters provide the connection for traditional analog telephone sets. The voice quality of VoIP often exceeds that of traditional calls. Thuraya is a United Arab Emirates based provider of mobile satellite voice and data services with coverage across most of Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and East Africa, Asia and Australia. Thuraya provides network service through three geosynchronous satellites and its products include satellite phones, fixed land phones and satellite broadband terminals. This airborne communication system was developed through Thuraya’s partnership with the Aero Group, a global consortium of established players with impeccable credentials, namely Cobham, SCOTTY Group, and SRT Wireless.

  • After the two modems have negotiated mutually compatible settings, the connection is made, and the two modems continue exchanging network traffic until one or the other disconnects.
  • Google Cloud Login Link helps you by handling a lot of the standard issues with IP addressing so that you can create a project and begin building.
  • Some devices can be connected to only one device at a time, and connecting to them prevents them from connecting to other devices and appearing in inquiries until they disconnect from the other device.
  • Through the Internet, people can share information and communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • It’s important to note that not all Android phones support Bluetooth tethering.

And with flexible plans and integration with popular industry standards, we deliver the most reliable products and communications services at great value. When business operations extend beyond the reach of terrestrial communications, organizations count on satellite communications for uninterrupted connectivity. From mining to logistics, construction to utilities, Thuraya helps reach rural and remote environments, serve new and untapped markets, and facilitate information transfer and decision making. However, concerns were raised at the time, including by the Committee to Protect Journalists, that government security services were tracking journalists and opposition activists through their satellite phones.